In Search of Mr Perfect

Someone says “True love” is like a ghost that everyone talks about but only few have seen. It’s true somehow when you search the whole world just to find that one person with whom you want to share your life and he exists undiscovered in this universe.  Planning for marriage starts not when your parents start the search but basically when your neighbors and relatives come and ask in a sarcastic tone to your parents “koi ladka nahi dekha”?

You start looking young guy with a question mark – “Is he the one I am looking for?”. And then the calculation starts for good and bad in him. But the hardest part is   that when we find that the creature is already engaged. Our calculation stops and then we start blaming why the bloody hell all the good guys are married or engaged. If he would have meet me before we would have been such a nice pair? Ohhh…! I will not get a person like him again. And then we think that there is no point in liking someone, I will accept whoever my parents choose for me.

The most difficult situation is when your parents introduce a boy and explain about him like he is the only prince left on the earth. You want to reply them hard, but you stop yourself as it may hurt their feelings.

Your heart-beat start increasing with a high pace when your mother says “ek ladka hai if you…… ??”. You just want to go away without replying anything. How can you say YES or NO just by knowing the name or by knowing how much property/asset he has. It becomes very difficult to identify someone especially, when he is trying to be the best one for you. You don’t know if the person is real"HIM" or a fake "HIM".

Life is so unpredictable. You want that Mr. Perfect and search for him every here and there. But sometime, he is just in front of you and you miss to recognize him, or sometime, you don’t want to recognize him because you are afraid that your parents and/or relatives would not accept him, and you start pushing yourself hard to like someone just for the sake of your parent’s choice. But is there any harm in liking someone? It’s you who has to spend all good and bad time together for rest of your life. Life will be so beautiful and comfortable if you are with the one you have choose by choice not by compulsion.

You may get a loving partner, money, lifestyle etc., yet something may still be missing …. a connection that the soul inconspicuously seeks! You can find these errors in anyone but when YOU choose, you stop blaming others because you know it’s your decision, not for the sake of others.

Sometime I wonder why the hell people want to get married ……? But it’s unexplainable. You always want a partner to share your life. You know that you will never be alone and he/she will always support you in your good and bad times. He/She will never say – “it’s over/ let’s take a break.”

I read somewhere that you need a husband, for he’ll not break into a “bachelor’s” party or visit clubs when separated from you, even for a while…but lie dull and low. He’ll openly acknowledge there’s no joy without you, even in the merriest of recreations!  He will hold your hand when both of you have gray hair and visit park. By looking at the young couples, just to cheer you, he will say “we still make the best couple and you still look beautiful”.

Anyhow this is the most adventures phase of my life .I don’t know what new turn my life will take and who will be the one to make my journey more beautiful and memorable.
Hope everyone gets the perfect one. 🙂


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