7 tips on How to get ready for your wedding!

When to get married?

Once you found your soul mate, the biggest quest is accomplished and the next big task is to decide to get married and plan your big day. The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. But in reality, you won't be able to set an exact date until finalizing other major decisions. When to get married? is one of the most important question and required a lot of planning that you have to make as a couple. This is your special day that you have been waiting for and now when it is finally right around the corner, you don’t want to leave any room for the mistakes and flaws. As you plan this wonderful day, you both will continue to feel great joy as this is the most important time of your life and you want everything to be perfect and according to your choice as well. So it is natural that you may also experience a few butterflies and a little confusion. After all, organizing a ceremony and reception is a big undertaking. So here are few tips which might sound simple and repetitive but will surely help you to plan the official celebration of your love and commitment.

# 1.First Thing to- do before saying I-do # plan your budget!

It’s important to create a wedding budget before you begin preparing for the big Indian wedding. Each part of your plan depends on how much money you actually have to spend and it will help you to decide the kind of wedding you want to have. It’s important to stick to a budget and to keep your wishes realistic. While this is a very special day in your life, it's not an excuse to be wildly extravagant with money you don't have. Sit down with your fiancé and families and figure out which elements are most important for you like the type of catering, your favorite photographer, entertainment, décor etc This will affect every decision and purchase you make, so be sure to work out your budget before you start planning.

# 2.Make a plan to plan your wedding day

While you don’t have to set a firm date now, it’s smart to have an idea of what month or season you want to marry in. Then you’ll know how long you have to get things organized. Discuss with your partner how you want to celebrate your perfect wedding day , like you want to have a big fat wedding, a small get together or a destination wedding and how many guest you like to invite. The number of guest you want to invite has a trickle-down effect on all the matters related to the wedding planning, so it would be a smart way to write the list sooner rather than later. While planning your final guest count you should consider your total budget and the invitation requirements. The count of the guest list will not only affect your budget but will also set the mood and tone of the day. It will help to set size of your wedding party and a venue accordingly.
# 3.Choose your significant date 

In Hindu marriage the date is usually based on the auspicious day and time given by pundit. Marriage is believed to be the beginning of a new life. You might want to choose the same date as anniversary of your parents or Grandparents, or you may want to tie the knot on the anniversary of your first date, the date you meet first or when he bend down on knees and pooped the question. Consider all the factors while choosing a date like availability of your favorite venue, your photographer or other family events.

# 4.Consider factor of holidays

Think twice before getting married on a holiday as there are pros and cons of it. Although it may be super fun to marry on holiday but you want to celebrate your wedding date for the years to come not just because it was also a New Year eve or a valentine day. Another fact to keep in mind is the costs that are associated with holiday weddings. Like if your wedding is on valentine day, finding Rosses would be difficult and will increase your budget. So work the date out for public holidays, weekend, exams, family matters or religious concerns so that it is convenient for maximum people to celebrate your big day.
# 5.Check your schedule before hand

Consider the busiest time in profession and plan you wedding accordingly. For example if you are in an accountant you may want to skip the year end dates for your wedding. Finalize the schedule with your family, as how many days would be enough for the rituals also match it with availability of your partner, if he or she is also a working professional. Many couple wants to plan their honeymoon immediately after wedding, so be sure you both of you get enough days off to enjoy your pre wedding schedule and post wedding holidays.

# 6.Choose wisely – consider off season discounts

Winter time is most favorable time in India and so it is the most expensive time of the year to get married. The most popular marrying month are December and January followed by November and February. Choosing a date between mid of February and September open the doors to negotiate better pricing and help you to maintain your wedding budget. You can also grab many good deals as off seasons discount from wedding planers. This way you can book your dream wedding venue or photographer and also end up with big saving.
# 7.Weather according to your wedding style

Weather plays an important role to include in your wedding date consideration. It is true you can’t control the weather but you should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Weather will not only affect your wedding's style and location, but it will also set a completely different mood. Decide the style and type of wedding you want to have. As do you want to marry indoors or out? On the beach, at a hotel or in an open farm house or in a cozy lounge. Weather factor will affect your dream venue, wedding photos, attire and even your guest attendance, so keep weather factor in mind when finalizing for your dream day.
The moral of the story is to make sure you give yourself enough time to plan for the things that are truly important to you. So do not rush into things and consider all the factors while planning your big day. All of the things mentioned above will surely help you to design your wedding day and make it memorable. You need to be considered all the fact together at the same time as they are all depending on each other really. But that’s a good thing; because it will help you start setting the “tone” of your wedding. Take helping hands of your family and consult a wedding planner if you have a busy schedule. Hiring a wedding planner would be a good idea as he can help you with any or all of the things you will have to do. They have the skill, the experience and the contacts to help keep things running smoothly. But they can only do it effectively when you share your input, like they suggest you for a wedding theme or a wedding venue but it’s you who select.

Have a happy planning, get marries and enjoy your big day to the fullest.

I am sure you must have some thought after reading this piece of my experience. Would you mind writing few words of your opinion in comments? I'd really appreciate it.


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